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Warm Rug - Sheepskin on the Floor

Modern interiors are characterized by minimalism, and more and more often also austerity of the industrial style. This makes them visually cool and not very welcoming. Warm - both visually and physically - thanks to carpets and rugs made of natural sheepskin. This type of carpet - sheepskin spread on the floor - radically changes the perception of the interior, adding numerous utility values.

Rug - Sheepskin in a residential and utility interior

Sheepskin rugs and rugs are popular both in residential buildings and selected HoReCa facilities. This type of solutions and additions are almost subconsciously used by owners of guesthouses located in the mountains (regardless of whether sheep are actually bred in the area), as well as restaurateurs and owners of year-round houses for rent. Sheepskin for rugs is also very popular in private housing. It is a frequent choice for bedrooms, living rooms and children's rooms.

A rug - sheepskin - brings many benefits, including:

provides thermal insulation,
it is pleasant to touch,
is an attractive element of interior design.
What sheepskin for the carpet?
The choice of sheepskin for a carpet should be dictated primarily by aesthetic considerations. It is also worth paying attention to the functional aspect. Relugan sheepskins are the best solution for homes with small children or sick people. They are used for therapeutic purposes, especially during rehabilitation. Gotland sheepskin rugs are perfect for decorative purposes. They are distinguished by more curly and fluffy hair than domestic skins. Swedish skins with a beautiful curly hair are also visually attractive.

Traditional Rug or Sheepskin? - Meet the Tannery Poland offer
Trying to best meet the diverse needs and expectations of customers, Tannery Poland offers high-quality sheepskins. We import skins from locations famous for breeding sheep breeds valued in the industry, such as Gotland, Texel (the Netherlands) and northern Germany. This allows us to provide a raw material with excellent aesthetic and functional properties. In addition to high-quality leather, we provide professional advice.

Are you interested in a rug? Sheepskin is an excellent alternative to textiles made of synthetic fibers. This type of carpet effectively insulates against cold, is pleasant to touch and does not cause allergies.
Top quality


All skins are sorted especially for our company, hence the best quality of our products.


Our skins are imported directly from eco farms all across Europe.

Traditional Tannery

Our factory was founded in 1978 in a family where traditions of tanning are passed from generation to generation. For 12 years our Company has been under the leadership of the founder's son, and since then, in addition to the traditional techniques, he began to innovate in this area.
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